Website Questions

Website Answers
What if I already have a domain name?|We Can Use Your Current Domain Name And Apply It to your new custom designed website
What If I already Have A website that I would like to Update or Upgrade?|We Can Redesign Your Site, Use Your Current Domain Name and publish your new site with no downtime
What If I want to make changes?|You can make unlimited changes until you are satisfiedwith the website design. Once we publish the site, we can make minor changes in the future for free.
Do I own my domain name?|The domain names are registered under our master account but we will use your contact information as the domain registrar
Can I host my own website?|No, we handle the hosting for your website
What If I don't like my new website?|We have a no risk design garauntee and we will make unlimited changes untill your fully satisfied with your site and are ready to publish
What can I include on my site?|Anything you want.. Pictures, videos, company logo, really there are no limitations
Can I have my site and social media linked?|Of course! You can link to all social media sites.
How can I promote My Site?|We will provide you with a QR Code to use with your advertising materials You can also promote your site through Social media, youtube, adwords
How often can I update it? What does a minor change consist of?|As Often as you want, we make small changes for FREE which include text changes and changing out video's or pictures
Will My email have my domain name?|Yes we provide you with five emails that have your domain name
How will I check my email?|If you need assistance with your email we can provide with a few different options
Can people contact me through my site?|yes we will set up forms for your customers to fill out and a call now button for anyone using a smartphone or tablet. And your number will be right at the top of your website.
Will It look good on mobile devices and tablets?|Yes We create responsive websites that fit to any screen they are displayed on
How long does it take to build?|Your website can be up and running in as little as ten days
Are there any costs other then the setup fee?|Yes hosting is $8.99 Per month
Can I have a Blog?|Yes we will setup a blog for you but any additional content must be added by you