The first step in creating a website is choosing a domain name or “URL” which stands for UniformResource Locator which is a unique address for locating a file on the internet.When choosing a name there are a few common sense rules that should be followed:

1. Pick a name that defines what you

It is more important to describe the product or service you are offering than to use your company name.

2. The Shorter The Better

Unfortunately common short names and abbreviations for most standard words and phrases have already been taken so it may take some research to find one. Shorter names are usually easier to remember and to input without a mistake.

3. The Name Should Be Easy To Pronounce and Spell

Stay away from abbreviations or gimmicky names that can be hard to remember or spell correctly.

4. Don’t Use Hyphens or Numbers

Think about telling someone your domain name. Will they remember where the hyphens go or to use them at all? And will they spell out numbers or use the actual number?

5. Use Keywords If Possible

Keywords in your domain can have some benefit but having a simple easy to remember URL is more important.

6. Stick with “.com” Extensions

A domain that ends in .com is much more common. Even if prospects remember your root name they will usually assume it is a .com – so avoid the others even if you can get your favorite name with another extension.

7. Avoid Similar Names

If there are other websites with a similar name (singular or plural variations for example) don’t risk prospects winding up at the wrong website because they typed in a similar sounding domain.

8. Think About The Future

Don’t limit yourself with a name that defines your product or service too closely if you are planning to expand in the future.