Video Questions

Video Answers
Can I use my Own pictures in the video?|Of course! Although we will strongly advice to use high quality pictures for the overall video quality
How long does the video take to create?|Your video will be ready within 7 - 10 days after the script is approved
Can I put my video on youtube?|Of course! And if you need assistance with your youtube upload we can help
Can I make changes to my video?|Yes, we will send you your script first, this is the only time you can make script changes once the script is approved you will be able to make only minor changes, switching out imagery or text.
who writes the script?|We write the script from the information you provide us, we then send you the script and you tell us whatever changes you want to make.
who does the voice over?|We have proffessional voice over talent and will make the perfect presentation for you.
What can I do with it?|Really the capabilities are endless. You can add it to your website, youtube, social media, t.v., email blasts, use it at your next seminar or presentation!
how will it generate business for me?|Prospects are 72% more likely to purchase your product when video is used and they make there buying decisions faster? it's like a salesman who stays up 24/7 to pitch your product perfectly
Do I get the files?|When the video is complete and there are no more changes we will provide you with a direct download to your video file
Do you come and film me?|No, however, if you have a video of you or your company that you would like submit, you can email it to us to review.
will it be hd?|Yes your video will come out in high definition quality
Does it have to be animated?|No we can use photos and bring them to life with our photo realistic video option
can I use video clips of myself?|Of course, we just ask that you try to provide us with high quality video.
Will it make my webpage more engaging?|Yes, Your product and services will be displayed in a beautiful eye catching way which entices veiwers to stay on your site.
How long is too long?|With video, once you go beyond 1 minute, it's hard to keep the viewer's attention.
Can I use it for T.V.?|Yes, you can use it anywhere
What Do you mean by it lasts forever?|Video never stops working? it's like a salesman who is awake 24/7 with the sole purpose to pitch your product.. And you can continue to use it for as long as you like?